All About Bib Apron with Pockets


Aprons are considered to be holding an important part in the women’s outfits for all ages. Aprons are basically used in order to make sure that the clothes are kept clean at the time of cooking, cleaning the house and also gathering eggs and firewood. Aprons are gaining a lot of popularity with the fast growing world and women use them in order to stay clean. Moreover, aprons are becoming a fashionable statement among the women now days. The styles and designs of the aprons have changed as the years have passed by due to the increasing number of materials and resources being made available in the market. The traditional and common white aprons which cover the dress of a woman were starched and bleached long time back.

Different Kinds of Aprons Available in The Market

There are basically two different kinds of aprons available in the market. One is the waist apron and another is the bib apron with pockets. The waist apron tends to cover only half part of the body which begins at the waist and goes down to the ankles or knees. It has a strip of cloth which can be tied from the back which helps in holding the apron at the right place. The bib apron which has pockets cover the whole body which begins from the chest and goes down to the knees. This kind of apron also has strips which can be tied at the back and it also has a strap which should be worn around the neck in order to hold the apron in place.

How to Make Bib Aprons

An apron can be created using an inexpensive dish towel or any kind of left over cloth. The towel which should be used for creating an apron must be approximately 18 by 28 inches and should also be rectangular in shape. In order to create bib apron with pockets, one should fold the towel in half making sure that the print is on the side and then fold the bottom. After this, it is required to fold the upper part halfway in order to make the pockets of the apron. Iron is required at this stage to create a crease and then pin the sides. Sew the sides where you have made the folds initially. At this stage a lot of back stitches are required in order to strengthen the folds. For the tie, you are required to measure your waist and then cut a fabric of cloth. Sew the strips on the right side as well as left side of the apron which can be tied on the back.

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