Why Use Leather Bomber Jackets


Leather bomber jackets exude style and first class elegance. Whether sported by an adult or kid, man or woman, by someone thin or plus sized – you can be assured of one thing – awesomeness! Bomber jackets have made it through an entire range of transformations right from its introduction during the First World War! They have always remained a fashion statement right through the ages and even today are just as much, if not more, in demand as they were all those years back.

There are a variety of patterns and fabrics (even in leather) that are readily available on demand. Your leather bomber jacket can be made out of anything from suede leather to lamb leather to sheep skin leather. The choices are endless and the styles even more so. Leather bomber jackets are available with metallic embellishments; others with central zippers; a few more with epaulets. No matter what your personality, there is definitely a leather bomber jacket available for you.

There may be a huge variation of leather bomber jackets out there. Only a little lesser than the variety of styles is the variety of colors that the leather bomber is available in. long gone are the days where black ruled the roost. Welcome of the joys of brown which has overpowered all other colors and has now become the new black!

Here are 5 reasons why you must indulge yourself with a gorgeous brown leather bomber:

1. Trendiness:

About 90% of those who love to dress up do so to look good – not just for others but mainly for themselves. When you know you look good and are happy with your self appearance, your confidence increases, giving off a look of pure sensationalism. Brown is the latest trend to hit the leather market in the bomber jacket category. Come to think of it, I’m surprised brown did not dominate the market earlier.

2. The Depth of Brown:

According to a study, the color you sport has a positive or negative impact on the choices you make. Similarly those around you subconsciously make an impression about you depending on the color you are adorned in. Brown as a color symbolizes reliability, stability and approachability. It is after all the color of our earth and is automatically linked with all things organic or natural. When a human brain sees the color brown it automatically processes a feeling of wholesomeness and a sense of orderliness.

3. The Variations in Brown:

Unlike black, which has only a limited number of shades, brown has a huge variety of shades under it ranging from caramel and beige to tan brown and burnt umber. You can easily pick one to suit your style and distinctness.

4. The Combinations of Brown:

Brown as a color compliments a variety of shades. It looks great with a pair of denims as well as skirts and shorts. Brown leather bomber jackets have been created to be unique yet in synchrony with shades around.

5. Brown is Not Sexist:

Unlike shades like pink and pastels, which are purely associated with women, brown along with its range in shades, is not in the least bit sexist! It suits men just as much as it suits women.

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