Why We All Love Leggings


Leggings do tend to drift in and out of fashion every few years or so – but the truth is they are so versatile you can wear them with confidence year-round no matter what the fashion elite are saying! Here are just a few of the reasons why we love leggings:

– They allow you show off your legs without revealing too much. Not everyone is 100 per cent confident in their legs, but if you still want to wear a cute little dress then a pair of leggings will do the job. If you wear a pair of black leggings with a pair of long black boots they can make your legs look both longer and slimmer, but at the same time are warmer than tights. If you want to take further advantage of their slimming properties, go for a pair of support leggings which can offer some extra control for wobbly thighs. However if you are wearing a pair of black ones with pumps, do remember that the ankle-length style can make your pins look a little short if you are somewhat diminutive in stature. In this case, go for calf-length instead.

– They are incredibly comfortable, so you can wear them to lounge around the house with a big t-shirt or jumper, or teamed with a pair of pumps and floaty dress for going into town. Because they are so comfortable, they are also perfect for running or going to the gym.

– They are very versatile.

– They keep your legs warm in winter, which means – hurrah! – you can still wear that little dress or pair of shorts without getting hypothermia. Teamed with a pair of boots and some thick woolly socks, you will be just as cosy as you would be in a pair of trousers. These must-have fashion items are for all seasons, so grab yourself a pair now.

We all know that black ones can go with absolutely everything, ut they also come in a huge variety of colours, patterns or styles to suit any taste. Whatever the outfit you have in mind, there will almost certainly be a pair of leggings out there to complete it. They can be dressed up with heels for a glam night out, or dressed down with pumps or pixie boots for a casual daytime look.

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