Backpack Purses The New Trend


Is it just me or have you too noticed the flooding of backpacks on our handbag shelves? It seems that many women have communicated that carrying the ever loved tote and hobo bags have become hard on their neck and shoulders, and that the smaller bags aren’t quite big enough for carrying all of our essential items, so for this reason, many designers have decided to incorporate an assortment of styles of backpacks to accompany their purse lines. To my great surprise, they have become an enormous hit.

The backpack purses making their way into the fashion world have been designed to include separate pockets and compartments making them extremely functional. In addition to the main compartment, many have external pockets and pouches for easy access to certain items. They are not only being manufactured of leather, but of various other leather-like materials giving them diversity in looks as well as strength and durability. Just as many of our purses are accented with studs and rhinestones, so are the backpack purses. Buckles, clasps and fringes can also be found on backpack purses giving them style and class. The variety of styles, sizes and colors backpack purses are being featured in is almost as enormous as the styles our purses are found in, and because of this, selecting a backpack purse may prove to be almost as difficult as choosing a purse. We now not only have hobo bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, and clutches to opt from, but we also have, what seems to be the newest trend in women’s accessories, the backpack purse.

For many, the backpack purse is a great alternative. They leave us hands free, allowing us to tend to children, work on our laptop or carry groceries without the bother of also toting our usual handbag. Whether using this for business or pleasure, our options are unlimited. The backpack purse makes going to an amusement park or travelling easier too, as we are able to enjoy ourselves playing games, enjoying rides or handling luggage hands free, as well as, worry free of forgetting or misplacing our purse. The fact that they fit so snuggly to our bodies, make them much more difficult for the ever dreaded purse thief too. No longer need we cling to our handbag with a death grip while vacationing in an unknown, sometimes unsafe area. They have taken their place on our backs as our purses, all the while proving to be functional, practical, stylish, and now trendy.

Trends are always coming and going and forever changing and it seems that right now we are quite content to be openly accepting the backpack purse as one of our newest trends. No one knows just how long a trend will stick around, but after reviewing what the backpack purse has to offer us, it would seem that this trend may be with us for quite some time. Regardless, it is definitely worth taking a look at, and it just so happens that Lisa’s Handbags.Com now carry purses of this type so take the time to check them out.

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